BlackByte and Akira Ransomware Claims Attack on Yamaha

Written by Andrew Doyle

July 26, 2023

BlackByte and Akira Ransomware Claims Attack on Yamaha

Yamaha Canada Music, a prominent division of the renowned Japanese manufacturing giant Yamaha Corporation, has fallen victim to a recent cyberattack that has sent shockwaves through the industry. The cyber incursion came to light after two separate ransomware gangs made claims about their involvement in the breach.

As the world’s largest producer of musical instruments and audio equipment, Yamaha Corporation’s reputation took a hit when it was revealed that unauthorized access and data theft had occurred. In a public statement last Thursday, Yamaha Canada Music confirmed the cyberattack and immediately took decisive action to mitigate the damage.

Calling upon external cybersecurity experts and their in-house IT team, the company swiftly contained the breach and prevented any significant malware penetration into its network.

Yamaha Canada Music also wasted no time in informing the affected individuals and offered credit monitoring services to those potentially impacted, demonstrating their commitment to customer protection.

Despite the company’s efforts, the exact nature of the cyberattack, including whether it involved ransomware, remains shrouded in mystery. However, this incident highlights a concerning trend in cyberattacks that experts are closely monitoring.

BlackByte and Akira Ransomware Claims the Attack

Yamaha Canada Music found itself on both the BlackByte and Akira ransomware gangs’ victim lists, raising eyebrows among cybersecurity circles. This double-posting phenomenon has become an alarming trend this year, with some speculating about its underlying motives.

Ransomware researcher, Allan Liska, suggests that the affiliates of different ransomware groups might be collaborating to amplify the spotlight on their victims. This strategic move could put more pressure on the victims for ransom payments and enhance the reputation of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) groups.

BlackByte’s history dates back to September 2021, overcoming early vulnerabilities with the help of cybersecurity firm Trustwave’s decrypter, but now, they seem to be embroiled in a spate of attacks. Meanwhile, the Akira ransomware group, a newer player in the cybercrime landscape, has already made headlines with high-profile targets.

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